Deutsche Künstlerin für zeitgenössische Kunst Alexandra Wolf in Bonn

Interview with Alexandra Wolf, Studio Froilein Juno

Question: Hi Alexandra, could you tell us a bit about your artistic journey?

Answer: Sure, I'd love to! I come from a working-class family and already had this strong urge for freedom and creativity as a child. From an early age, I wanted to be either famous or an artist, or ideally both at the same time. And I wanted to travel the whole world. Fearing an unstable or insecure lifestyle and under pressure from my family, I then studied design with full conviction as a compromise, worked for agencies for years and then ended up in marketing.

Question: How did you end up in art after all?

Answer: Well, after a few years in my job, I realised that I was lacking creativity and freedom. I felt constricted by narrow briefings and the clear ideas of clients or bosses and wanted to do something of my own. So I decided to stay in marketing, but at the same time to make art my second mainstay in order to be able to develop and unfold personally, but still not give up the security (yet).

Question: That sounds like a big change. What challenges did you have to overcome?

Answer: Oh, there were and are many! A huge challenge for years has been structuring everyday life between paid work, art, life as a young family and, if possible, meeting all the associated needs.

In addition, I have been struggling with self-doubt for years and, despite thousands of sales of my art prints, I constantly asked myself when I could really call myself an artist and what actually makes a good artist. It was a long road until I found my creative voice and even had the courage to show myself and my work.

Question: And how would you describe your art today?

Answer: Studio Froilein Juno stands for creative freedom, passion and the courage for individuality. My works are very personal and often tell stories or I process my emotions in them. For me it's not about perfectionism, but about enjoying the creative process and finding myself personally in it. For me, art is a place without borders. Accordingly, I love mixing and reinterpreting styles, disciplines, materials and colors.

I'm still on a journey and I'm happy about anyone I can take with me or inspire.

Question: What do you want to achieve with your art?

Answer: With my work I want to question social norms and advocate for equality, self-love and diversity. I want to encourage other people to express themselves freely without fear of criticism. My art represents freedom and self-acceptance. I think in the end you just have to “do it”. I have seen too many good ideas disappear into the drawer everywhere and I wish us all more mutual empowerment and courage in the future.

Question: Thank you for this inspiring conversation, Alexandra! Finally, is there any message you would like to pass on?

Answer: Yes, gladly! I want to tell everyone that it's okay to be yourself and live your creativity without fear of criticism. Be brave, be diverse and accept yourself as you are. That is my message and at the same time it is always a great challenge for me.

Interview: CB Nov 2023

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deutsche Künstlerin für zeitgenössische Kunst Alexandra Wolf
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    All artworks were conceived, drawn, painted and photographed by Alexandra Wolf in the Froilein Juno studio. She has sold thousands of art prints worldwide since 2016, and has been offering original works for sale in her own shop for the first time since 2023.

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