Collection: Embrodery x abstract art: Forest

"A summer walk in the woods - acrylic painting & embroidery on canvas, 20x20 cm"

Immerse yourself in the magical world of a summer forest with this handmade collection.

These acrylic paintings and embroidery on untreated canvas, artfully mounted in 20x20 cm embroidery frames and hand-signed, capture the beauty of a walk in the woods. The lush greens of the forest, the cool breeze, the light blue sky and the delicate colour accents of shrubs and flowers are captured in each work.

Each artwork in this collection is unique, meaning you own a piece of nature in your home that no one else has.

Let the magic of the forest enter your home. Get one of these beautiful artworks today and give your home the special touch it deserves.

Product Details:
Original acrylic painting and embroidery on untreated canvas.
Size: 20x20 cm
Unique one of a kind
Inspired by a summer forest walk
Stickerei x Abstrakte Kunst: Forest

Alexandra Wolf x Studio Froilein Juno

"I love the exciting combination of acrylic painting and embroidery. Crossover art means mixing and reinterpreting disciplines, techniques, colours and textures. Why not break the rules?"

Meet the artist
  • Copyright

    All the artworks were imagined, drawn, painted and photographed by Alexandra Wolf in the Froilein Juno studio. Since 2016 she has sold many thousands of art prints worldwide, and since 2023 she has also been offering original works for sale in her own store for the first time.

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